Chinese Medicine and Aligning Mind-Body-Spirit

When we talk about Chinese medicine in regards to mental-emotional health, how exactly do we define health? Health is defined our ability to remain “in the center.” This means that our human spirit is able to remain aligned between heaven above and earth below. Said another way, our awareness is able to remain aligned between [...]

Headaches/Migraines: Natural Cure & Prevention


Most people (frequently or infrequently) experience headaches at some point in their lives. Below are natural therapies that have been effectively shown to ameliorate headaches and/or migraines: Stress reduction: Integrative therapies like yoga, therapeutic touch, and relaxation techniques, reduce migraine attacks by decreasing levels of stress. A common stress-reduction is to focus on slow and [...]

Organic is King


“Organic” and “natural” foods seem to be all the rage these days. But why should you eat them? And is it all just all a scam? The USDA strictly regulates products labeled as “Organic.” This label guarantees that the vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and dairy products are free of artificial agents; like growth hormones, pesticides, [...]

The Perfect Diet


This article in one sentence: Eat mainly organic fruits, vegetables and high-protein foods along with an even higher amount of healthy fat, while minimizing processed/high-carbohydrate foods.   What exactly is this diet? Ratio by calories- 65% fat, 20% carbohydrates, 15% protein This plan is based on the “Paleo”/“hunter-gatherer”/”ketogenic” diet, which mimicks the diet of cavemen species 10,000 [...]

5 Easy Ways to Boost your Health


We all want a strong, healthy body. In addition to long-term lifestyle changes, there are several simple ways to help balance and maximize well-being.   1) Drink plenty of water 70% of the human body is made of water. Clearly, it must be important!  The recommended daily intake of “fluids” is around 2 liters (eight [...]

Breathe Your Way to Good Health: 4 tips


How is your moment-to-moment breathing affecting your health? Breathing is so natural that few ever think twice about it. Most people actually have a tendency to hyperventilate (i.e. over breathe). Erratic or dysfunctional breathing alters the chemistry of the blood. This harms the body’s ability to maintain itself properly and contributes to many symptoms. Hyperventilating or [...]

Take it easy on yourself


Society tends to attribute labels to people. He is “depressed” or she suffers from “ADD.” We hear these things all the time. It is important not to become identified with such labels. Your are worth more than the narrow meaning of these words. You are unique, connected to others by one or more relationships. Therefore, [...]

Food is Medicine.


Food is an important part of your everyday life; it can harness incredible healing properties. — Food is key to health and happiness on many levels. 1) Food is physical: Food provides the vitamins and nutrients necessary to help the body work properly. For better or for worse, there is no way around this; it [...]

Herbs support sustainable health


Herbs are nature’s gift for your healing.